Why does your dog or cat need a dental?

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We love giving our pets lots of love and kisses, but sometimes that big smooch is stopped by an offensive odor. It’s important to remember that foul odor may just be an outward sign of an underlying dental problem. Taking care of your pet’s teeth is easier than you think!

Bad breath - No kisses please

The truth is our pets’ mouths harbor millions of bacteria and food particles that lead to plaque buildup on the teeth and along the gum line. If left on the teeth, this sticky buildup turns into tartar called calculus, similar to what builds up on our teeth.

Calculus becomes cemented to your dog’s teeth, under the gums, and is not removable by brushing alone. However, your veterinarian can perform a professional teeth cleaning that can work wonders!

Tartar buildup can quickly cause gum disease (gingivitis) as well as periodontal disease. On the milder end, this bacteria and plaque can cause bad breath and red/bleeding swollen gums that can be treatable and reversible. On the more advanced end, tooth decay, tooth loss, infections, abscesses, heart, liver, and kidney disease, are stages that can be treated but may or may not be reversible. Waiting to treat your pet’s teeth can lead to irreversible illnesses as well as treatment with a much higher price tag.

Canine and Feline Dental Grade 4 Periodontal Disease

Canine and Feline Dental Grade 4 Periodontal Disease

When does my pet need a dental cleaning?

Routine Dental cleanings should be done annually or as directed by your veterinarian. Some pets who are more prone to plaque and tarter buildup, or those who are in the advanced stages of dental disease, may require more frequent treatments.

What does a dental cleaning involve?

A pet dental cleaning is very similar to a human dental cleaning. We use all of the same machinery, plus dental products intended specifically for dogs and cats. In order to properly clean a dog or cat’s teeth, dental cleanings are performed while the pet is sedated.

Prior to the cleaning, an oral health exam is performed. This will help the doctor determine which stage of oral health your dog or cat may be in. The later stages of oral health may require anti-biotics prior to your pet’s dental to make sure no bacteria enter the body while teeth are being cleaned and polished. The doctor may also want to do dental x-rays to see if there is any decay under the gum line that may not be visible to the eye.

Prior to the procedure, pre-anesthetic lab work is run to make sure the pet is healthy enough to be sedated. During the procedure, patients are closely monitored by skilled veterinary technicians and receive fluids, and heart and respiration monitoring.

Dental cleanings are perfectly safe and are performed routinely in our clinic. The whole procedure takes less than an hour and pets are ready to go home in the same day.


“Good to chew, Better to rinse, Best to brush”

These are mottos we stick to at Perrin-410 Animal Hospital and we offer a verity of products in our office that can best suit you and your pet’s needs.

Dental chews – These enzymatic chews are tasty to dogs and great for their teeth. Feeding these CET chews once a day will help minimize plaque and tarter build up on your dog’s teeth that lead to more serious health issues. Plus your dog will love you for this tasty treat!

CET Dental Chews

Water Additive – These products are great for people that have difficult or finicky pets. The water additive is added to your dog’s or cat’s water bowl daily and acts like a mouth wash. It contains 2 different natural enzymes that help remove plague and kills bacteria that leads to bad breath.

Oratene Canine/Feline Dental Products

Tooth brush and paste – Specially formulated enzymatic toothpaste for dogs and cats in pet friendly flavors that are like a treat for pets. Tooth brushes come in many sizes and shapes to fit your dog’s or cat’s mouth and should be introduced to your pet over a period of time so they get used to you being in and around their mouths.

Canine/Feline toothpaste and tooth brush

Remember, healthy habits lead to healthy pets. If you have questions about which dental product may work best for you, or if would like to schedule a free dental health exam, request an appointment or call our office for more information!

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