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Wellness Care: The Secret to a Happy and Healthy Pet

Dogs and cats rarely tell their owners something is wrong with them until it’s either too late or too costly. Just like us, our pets should maintain a routine schedule of visiting the doctor to prevent a deadly illness and ensure a long and happy, healthy life.


Wellness Care:

Wellness care includes many things to keeping your dog and cat healthy throughout their lives. This means taking an active approach to preventives such as vaccines, age appropriate lab work, microchip, heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention.

Keeping a close eye on your pet’s health will ensure they stay healthy for as long as possible.



Similar to you and I, our pets require vaccinations to help protect them from a wide range of diseases, many of which can turn deadly if your pet remains untreated. Starting vaccinations at an early age and keeping to the recommended vaccination schedule will help protect your puppy and kitten build a healthy immunity. Vaccines are not just for puppies and kittens; dogs and cats of all ages can become ill with the same disease if they remain unvaccinated.

If you enjoy spending time with your dog, experiencing the outside world at places such as dog parks, hiking, swimming or even taking your dog to doggy day care; you are exposing them to a higher chance of catching an illness. It is vital and even REQUIRED by city law and facilities that your pet be current on certain vaccines.

To learn more about our vaccines visit Pet Vaccinations


Lab Work:

Dogs and cats are notorious for hiding pain associated with an underlining illness. Lab work is crucial to ensure your pets long, healthy life because it helps our veterinarians detect any illness early enough to treat it. Lab work will check for major organ function such as liver and kidneys, your pets red and white blood cell count, glucose levels and many other important things that can identify internal health concerns.

When we have your pet’s blood work on file, it provides us a normal baseline to compare to if something were to change in your pet’s future.

Call us today to see what lab panel we recommend for your pet today. 210-650-3141.

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Microchipping your pet is just as important as vaccinations and preventatives. By microchipping your pet, you’re taking a step towards ensuring their safe return if they were to go missing. A microchip is a small computer chip about the size of a grain of rice that when scanned by a special device emits an identification number unique to your pet only. Microchips are made to last for as long as your pet is alive and the only updates you would have to do are on the computer!

Did you know that 4 million pets go missing every year? The sad reality is that of that number, only 85% come home! Increase the chance of your loved one coming home by microchipping your pet today!

Learn about microchipping your pet today!

*San Antonio Law now requires all dogs and cats to be implanted with a registered, current microchip as the City License*



Heartworm Prevention:

Here in South Texas, heartworms are extremely common and even easier to prevent. Your pet can contract heartworms from one mosquito bite. The mosquito injects the heartworm larvae into your pet, which then travels to your pet’s heart by blood vessels where they then multiple and if left untreated can cause the death of your pet. This process takes about 6 months and once severely infected, the treatment course is hard on both your pet and you.

Symptoms do not typically start to show until later stages of the disease and unfortunately there’s no way to tell what mosquito carry the larvae so prevention is key.

Symptoms and issues that are caused by heartworms include but not limited to:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Labored or difficulty breathing
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Heart failure

Learn about which heartworm preventions are available to keep your dog and cat heartworm free!

*All pets being placed on heartworm prevention must have a negative heartworm test before purchase. Heartworm tests are done yearly and before switching to new heartworm prevention. Any questions about heartworm prevention and tests please call our office at 210-650-3141.


Flea and Tick Prevention:

Fleas and Ticks are pesky little critters who enjoy feeding on your pet and even yourself! In South Texas, our year round warm climate is perfect for fleas and ticks to survive in. That means, taking a break from your flea and tick prevention during the colder months can in fact open an inviting door to these pests. Did you know that 1 flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day! Before long, your home and house can be overrun. Not to mention, fleas can cause severe problems for your pet such as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Hair Loss
  • Allergies
  • Anemia

Ticks will attach to your pet and also lay eggs, which can quickly overwhelm your pet if they are not on preventative. Ticks carry a variety of diseases that are both harmful to your pet and yourself!

Learn about which flea and tick preventions we offer to keep your dog and cat free of these life threatening pest!


TO SCHEDULE A Wellness exam

Call us at 210-650-3141 or request an appointment online. If you are coming in as a walk-in, feel free to give us a call to check the wait time before you come in. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Remember, Prevention is Key!

To take advantage of our Wellness Care package:

  • Age appropriate lab work
  • Send out intestinal parasite exam
  • Purchase of heartworm prevention 6 or 12 months

You will receive:

  • 50% OFF on Vaccines
  • 25% OFF on Microchips
  • Free Physical Exam
  • Free Bath*

*All pets checking in for a bath must be current on OUR required vaccines.

Rabies, DHLPP, Parvo 6m, Bordetella 6m, and canine Influenza; for dogs


Rabies, FVRCPC; for cats