Stem Cell Testimonials

What if you could turn back the hands of time?

What if you could relieve your pet’s pain? What if you could see your pet running, jumping, and playing again? Now you can, with cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy Treatments.

Dr. Thomas Ramsey, Medical Director at Perrin-410 Animal Hospital, reveals a cutting-edge stem cell treatment that could add years to your beloved pet’s life!

Stop by today for a Free Consultation for this revolutionary treatment that will end your furry friend’s pain and help them regain their youthful spirit! End any pain or discomfort that your pet may have with our stem cell therapy.

Elsie’s Story: “I know she feels much better!”

“Elsie is like the energizer bunny in less than 60 days from her procedure. When she gets in the yard, she goes and goes. Prior to the procedure she could only go a few feet and then flopped down and barked for the other dogs to come to her. She wanted to play with them but couldn’t keep up with them. I could tell she was in a lot of pain.”

“Each weekend we had our routine of walking down my road (a little over a city block) to take the trash can. Over the months, I noticed Elsie couldn’t make it. She would go a few feet, sit down and wait for me to return. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to see how far she could go now. Not only did she make the entire trip, but she did some playing with my other pitbull and then kept going and exploring. This was such a beautiful sight to see.”

“There were times that I had to help her get up and start walking. Now, she doesn’t even give it a second thought. She jumps up and takes off.”

“Here eyes are brighter and I don’t see any indication of pain like I did. She doesn’t prance with her back legs as if she is in pain. She stands solid now and very strong.”

Now when I look at her as she roams the yard, I can see her smiling. I know she feels much better. She just looks happy and that makes me happy.”

~Trish Aguon 12/28/2010

“Oscar is a brand new dog! Three months after stem cell therapy, he’s got his bounce back.
Highly recommended!”
~Judith L. Larson