Pet Microchipping

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Let’s talk about Microchips!


If your pet went missing today, would they be able to find their way home? The sad reality is that most do not. Statistically, 10 million pets go missing every year. According to the ASPCA, about 85% of pets are returned to their owners but of that percentage only 15% of pets come home because of a microchip. Luckily for you, Perrin-410 is here to help ensure your pets safety by microchipping them today!

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a computer chip about the size of a small grain of rice that is inserted under the skin of a pet between the shoulder blades. The injection does not hurt your pet any more than a flu shot would you. Each microchip is individual with a unique identification number that is inputted into a national database with the owner’s information. Modern microchips are manufactured to last up to 20 years and are both incredibly safe and reliable. They are not, however, equipped with GPS and it is important that you keep your information current and correct.


Why you should Microchip your pet

With the high number of pets going missing every year, the benefit of microchipping your pet has never been so important. Nearly every shelter and veterinary clinic is equipped with a microchip scanner and it is routine practice to scan every pet that comes in. If a microchip is found, the owner’s information is looked up and they are contacted immediately, so it is very important to keep your information current. Thousands of pets have been reunited with their happy owner’s months to years later because of microchipping!

Check this link out to read amazing stories about reunions between owners and their lost pets.

Did you know?

San Antonio Law now requires every dog or cat to be microchipped and have it currently registered? We’re open from 7am – 11 pm for your convenience!

Call us today at 210-650-3141 to set up an appointment to have your pet microchipped! Ease the worry about your pet going missing by providing them with the best possible protection!