Pet Exam

Is your pet due for an exam?  Veterinarians recommend twice yearly check-ups for dogs and cats of all ages!

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How often should my dog or cat get a pet exam?

Tabby Cat_Pet ExamBecause pets age more quickly than people, 6 months to a cat or dog is equivalent to years in terms of human health!  Having your pet examined at least twice yearly can help your veterinarian catch early symptoms of any illness or injury your cat or dog may have developed since she was last seen. In addition to early detection, frequent pet exams also help you and your vet prevent certain risks and illnesses for your pet through preventative care!  Heartworm prevention, flea, tick, and parasite prevention, and preventative wellness blood testing can all help keep your pet feeling happy and healthy and live a longer, more enjoyable life.


What can I expect during a pet exam?

Dachshund_Pet ExamDuring your dog or cat’s pet exam here at Perrin-410, your veterinarian will check your pet’s ears, eyes, nose, mouth and teeth, as well as his skin, lungs, and heart. The vet will palpate your pet’s organs and feel your pet’s skin for any lumps, bumps, or growths in addition to taking your pet’s temperature and measuring her heart rate and respiratory rate. Your vet will likely also ask you questions about your dog or cat’s diet, exercise routine, daily schedule, and bathroom habits while performing the exam.  Be sure and bring a list of questions or concerns for your vet during this time as well to be sure that your vet has all pertinent information about your pet and to provide yourself with the best education for your pet’s health and care.


Besides a twice-yearly pet exam, what’s important for my pet’s preventive care?

At your dog or cat’s pet exam, our veterinarian and trained staff will talk with you about the medical recommendations for your pet’s preventive care.  For all cats and dogs of all ages, we strongly recommend core vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, intestinal parasite exams, and annual or bi-annual blood work to check your pet’s internal health. We also recommend one-time genetic testing to identify your dog’s breed history, which can help you and your vet stay more alert to breed-specific illnesses and injuries your dog may be predisposed to have.  Sorry cat owners, genetic testing is currently only available for dogs.

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