Online Store

Perrin-410 has a new and convenient way of ordering your pet’s prescriptions online! We have partnered with VetSource, an online pharmacy, for the ease and comfort of ordering your pet’s preventative prescriptions from home and having them safely delivered directly to your doorstep. All from a reputable source you can trust, us, your veterinarian.

Our Home Delivery powered by VetSource means you can count on your pets’ medications being checked and double-checked by licensed pharmacists.

VetSource is simple:Vet Source
  •           Your vet recommends a medication.
  •           You place an order through Perrin-410’s website.
  •           Your prescription is confirmed and verified by licensed pharmacists.
  •           The prescription is packaged and shipped.
  •           The prescription arrives conveniently on your doorstep.
  •           Click here to visit VetSource now.


You can now find great products like these and more right at your fingertips:
  •           Heartgard
  •           Revolution
  •           Nexgard
  •           Sentinel
  •           Interceptor
  •           Royal Canin Food
  •           CET Chews
  •           And more!


Taking care of your pets shouldn’t be a constant worry. In addition to Home Delivery, our partnership with VetSource includes extra conveniences such as AutoShip and Reminders to remove any guesswork about when medications need to be given.

AutoShip allows you to have your pets’ medications delivered on a regular schedule, either monthly, every six months, or every twelve months, without having to place an order each time. In addition, the Remind Me feature gives you the option to have your pets’ monthly medications repackaged into single doses that arrive when the medications should be administered.

Get started today by talking with a Perrin-410 Veterinarian and visiting