Dog Neuter

If you have a male dog, whether he’s a puppy, adult, or senior, veterinarians highly recommend he be neutered as early as possible for the best health benefits. A dog neuter is a safe, quick, routine procedure that can help your pup live a longer, healthier life!


What is Neutering?

Neutering is a safe, quick surgical procedure in which the veterinarian removes the testes from a male dog. The testicular skin will remain intact, but tends to shrink and tighten over time, particularly in younger pets. Removal of the testes does change the hormonal balance of a male dog, which usually decreases overly aggressive or territorial behaviors, like fighting, marking, and roaming. Counter to popular opinion, however, neutering does not change the basic personality of a pet–he’ll still be the same strong, playful boy you love!


What are the Benefits of Neutering?

Removal of the testes through neutering completely removes a dog’s risk of contracting testicular cancer. It also significantly cuts down the development of prostrate cancer and urinary tract infections throughout his adult and senior years. Neutered dogs live safer lives in general, too. Intact males (non-neutered) are significantly more likely to suffer dog fight wounds, injuries from wild animals, and hit-by-car accidents, due to their urge to roam for mates.

Neutering your adult male will likely cut down on any inappropriate mating behaviors he might engage in as well, which in turn decreases the likelihood of penile injury or irritation. Neutering your puppy will likely prevent these behaviors from ever developing. Veterinarians recommend that a dog neuter be performed ideally around 5-6 months of age, prior to sexual maturity, for the best health and behavioral benefits.


Are there any Negatives of a Dog Neuter?

Many dog owners are concerned that neutering their male pets will cause their dogs to become weaker, grow up smaller, or have more passive personalities. While a dog neuter does generally cut back on territorial aggression and likelihood of accidents and fights due to roaming, your neutered puppy will grow up just as big, playful, and strong, and healthier and safer, too! Neutered pets are commonly easier to handle and to train as well.

Bring your pet by today to talk to a veterinarian about the benefits of having your puppy or adult pet neutered! Let us alleviate your concerns and assure you that neutering your pet is the best option for his continued health and safety.



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