Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Test

Do you wonder what breed or breeds your dog might be?  Are you curious about your pup’s parentage or even grandparentage?  Did you know that knowing your dog’s ancestry can help your vet protect your pet against predisposed illness and injury?  The dog DNA test is now available at Perrin-410!

What does the Dog DNA Test measure?

The dog DNA test we offer here at Perrin-410 is the most advanced and accurate genetic test available in veterinary medicine. By taking only a very small amount of blood from your dog (less even than we need for yearly blood work!), professional genetic researchers are able to identify your pup’s ancestry back through three generations with over 90% assured accuracy! That means we can determine the breed of your dog’s parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents! More often than not, the results are really surprising! And of course, since your pup’s DNA is permanent and won’t change over her lifetime, DNA testing is a one-time procedure appropriate for any age, type, or breed of dog. Find out what makes your dog the unique pet she is with a genetic test today!

How does a Dog DNA Test benefit my pet’s health?

Our current dog DNA test additionally measures for 13 genetic markers that indicate a pet’s likelihood of contracting common genetically-linked illnesses, such as degenerative myelopathy or retinal dysplasia. By identifying these markers before any symptoms appear, we can help protect your pet from the most serious effects of these illnesses by staying alert and catching illness onset even before symptoms appear.

Similarly, knowing the breed history of your dog helps your vet know what specific signs and symptoms to look out for and to help you be aware of, too. Because certain breeds are predisposed to certain illnesses and injuries, knowing your pet’s genetic history can help you and your vet stay alert to the signs of these possible occurrences.  For example, if your dog is part German Shepherd, we will stay alert to any signs of arthritis or other bone or joint pain, to sensitive digestion or pancreatic issues, and we will recommend regular preventive testing for eye problems, heart issues, and common illnesses like Cushing’s and diabetes.

When can I get my pet a DNA test?

A dog DNA test is a once in a lifetime procedure since your pet’s DNA will not change with age, size, or even health condition.  We highly recommend having your pet genetically tested as young as possible, starting at 6 weeks of age, to provide the best knowledge and protection against the possibility of predisposed illness and injury.  DNA testing is beneficial at any age though, and we highly recommend it for your dog’s best chance at a long healthy life!  Plus, it’s fun, too!


Questions about our dog DNA test? Call us at 210-650-3141 for more information or to schedule your pet’s appointment!  No exam necessary; 5 minute procedure! After your pet’s genetic testing results have come in, we’ll schedule a no charge consultation with you and our vets to discuss the health benefits and prevention tips based on your dog’s individual DNA results.

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