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Spay your Dog or Cat to avoid Pyometra

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Pyometra is one possible condition that can occur when a female dog or cat is not spayed. Simply translated, Pyometra is an emergency situation in which there is an infection causing puss in the uterus. How does it happen? Pyometra occurs after the heat cycle for a female dog or cat. With her cervix open, fecal […]

Parvo (Parvovirus)

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What is Parvo? Parvo, or Parvovirus, is a highly contagious disease that attacks the intestines and can be life-threatening for dogs and puppies. We do consider Parvo cases to be emergencies and you want to bring your dog in as soon as possible for treatment. What are the symptoms of Parvo? The most distinct symptom […]

Dog Dental Health

Categories: Wellness & Care

Dog dental health is extremely important for the overall health of our companions- going far past just oral hygiene. Think of all the chewing, licking, and eating your dog does. Is your dog’s dental health routine enough? What are the health issues associated with poor dog dental care? Poor dog dental health can lead to very noticeable issues […]

Cat Dental Health

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Cat dental health is often overlooked, likely because our cats are so independent and we assume they mostly take care of themselves. But a healthy dental routine for your cats can have a significant impact on their overall health and lifespan. What are the health issues associated with poor cat dental health? In addition to causing dental problems […]

The Buzz About Stem Cell Therapy

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San Antonio is abuzz this week with the World Stem Cell Symposium going on downtown and we, at Perrin-410 Animal Hospital, are excited to be at the forefront of stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine in pets! Take a look at how stem cell therapy can to help alleviate pain due to arthritis in your pet. […]

Dental Health: What You Need to Know for a Healthy Pet

Categories: Wellness & Care

Animal Dental Health: What You Need to Know for a Healthy Pet Animal Dental Disease is a Serious Issue Since childhood, we’ve been taught to brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day to keep our teeth and gums healthy and strong. And for our own beloved pets, it’s our job to help […]

Prevent and Detect Illnesses

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Prevent and Detect Illnesses with Annual Wellness Exams and Screenings Annual Exams Keep Your Pet Healthy A new season of annual wellness exams are just around the corner. An annual exam is a critical part of the continued health and happiness of your dog, cat or other furry family friend. A pet wellness exam and […]

Choosing the Perfect Food for Your Pet

Categories: Wellness & Care

If you’ve ever walked down the pet food aisle, you know that the choices can be overwhelming. Choosing the right food for your dog can be rife with questions and confusion. Companies use many of the same marketing techniques used for non-pet products to grab your attention on the bag. They also tend to follow […]

The Best Way to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

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Your dog’s ears are arguably some of the most sensitive parts on their body. The anatomy of your dog’s ears makes them especially difficult to clean; their curved and twisting canals can easily trap dirt and moisture, allowing bacteria to grow and infection to linger. Your dog should regularly have their ears checked and cleaned […]

Pet Dental Health

Categories: Wellness & Care

Are your pet’s teeth less than perfect? Did you know that 80% of all cats and dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they’re 3 years old? Have you heard that healthy teeth are a sign of a healthy heart and immune system in your pet? Dental care, especially professional dental cleanings, […]

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