Cat Spay

Are you wondering if your new kitten is old enough to be spayed? Do you have questions about the health advantages of spaying your adult or senior cat? We have answers for you!


What is a Cat Spay?

Spaying is one of the most advantageous decisions you can make for your female cat. A cat spay is a quick and safe surgical procedure in which the veterinarian removes the uterus and ovaries, completely preventing future pregnancies or health disorders like uterine infections or ovarian cancer in your pet. Spaying may also decrease your cat’s likelihood of developing mammary cancer and urinary tract infections.


What Changes Can I Expect?

Many owners worry that having their cat spayed will drastically change her personality. But don’t worry! Even after her surgery, she’ll still be the same crazy, playful, independent creature you know and love. Spaying does change the hormonal balance of a female cat, but this change results in less risk of hormone-related disorders, like mammary cancer, and also decreases the likelihood of accidents caused by hormone-influenced behaviors.

Spayed females are less likely to engage in territorial fighting and are less likely to roam due to looking for a mate. Unfixed cats are significantly more likely to be injured or infected with communicable diseases in fights with other cats or attacks by wild animals. Due to the roaming instinct, which is greatly lessened or removed with spaying and neutering, unfixed cats also have a higher likelihood of being in hit-by-car accidents.


When Should I Have My Cat Spayed?

Veterinarians best recommend that kittens be spayed between 5 and 6 months of age. Spaying your kitten prior to her first heat cycle provides the best health advantages throughout her adult life!

Even if your female cat is fully grown or maybe even approaching her senior years, if she is in good health, our vets still highly recommend that she be spayed to prevent future uterine infections and development of ovarian, uterine, and mammary cancers. Although spaying is quick, safe, and routine, sedating a pet under anesthesia is always a risk, so prior to your cat’s surgery, our vets strongly recommend lab work for your kitty! These tests let our doctors check that your cat’s internal organs, heart, and blood count are all healthy and strong prior to undergoing her surgery.



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