Cat Emergency

Cat emergency? Call 210-428-6831 to speak with one of the Perrin-410 Animal Hospital staff members or, just walk-in. Emergency cases always take precedence.Woman holding cat- cat emergency

Signs of a Cat Emergency
Persistent Vomiting
Persistent Diarrhea
Blood in Stool or Urine
Bleeding from the Nose
Blood in the Eye
Passing of Intestinal Parasites
Breathing Difficulties
Paleness of the Gums
Refusal of Food (for more than a day)
Fainting Episodes
Loss of Use of Limbs
Abnormal Swelling (anywhere on the body)

Some cat emergencies can develop slowly over time so it is good to keep a close eye on your cat to notice signs in case they occur. Other signs can come on quickly and emergency care should be sought as soon as possible.

Cat Accident and Injury Emergency
Cat Hit by a Car
Cat Bite Wounds
Bone Break or Fracture

In the event that  your cat is suffering from an injury, time is of the essence in seeking emergency care. Because cats’ bodies are small, their injuries can be severe and need to be treated quickly.

If your cat has been in a fight with another cat and has any bite wounds, make sure to bring her to see the vet even if the bites do not appear to be severe. Because of the shape of cat’s teeth, they can leave bacteria under the skin in a bite wound which can lead to an abscess. This can be easily treated with antibiotics but if left untreated, may require surgery.

When aiding an injured cat, approach with caution as even friendly wounded animals can act out when wounded. You may want to try using a towel to pick up the cat to help avoid scratches. If possible transport her to the vet in a box or crate.

Cat Poison and Toxicity Emergency
Household Chemicals (bleach, pool cleaner, acids)
Yeast Dough
Macadamia Nuts

If fed over time, poisonous foods
Dog Food
Fat Trimmings
Raw Eggs
Raw Fish

Cats are less likely than dogs to eat things they are not supposed to since they are usually pretty finicky. However, it does happen. Most cases of cat poisoning occur because people are unaware about what is poisonous to cats. A potato seems innocent enough, but can actually cause gastrointestinal problems. Plants are also another common cause of cat toxicity emergencies, as many common household plans can cause a threat.  If your cat has a tendency to catch mice, watch out with those pesticides. Mice that have ingested pesticides can pass the poison on to your cat.

Also, take care when feeding your cat a diet containing the above items. Many human foods can cause internal damage if fed over a period of time. It is a good idea to discuss your cat’s diet with your veterinarian.