Basic Dental Care for Pets

Categories: Wellness & Care

Do you brush your pet’s teeth? Are your cat or dog’s treats helping to cut back on plaque? When’s the last time your pet had a professional veterinary dental cleaning? Healthy teeth are an indicator of a healthy dog or cat, and you can help your pal stay happy and fit with regular visits to your vet and at-home dental care!

Watch our Perrin-410 original Basic Dental Care for Pets video on our At-Home Dental Care page for more info on taking care of your pet’s teeth at home! Helping to cut back on plaque in your pet’s mouth in between annual dental cleanings can go a long way to keeping your cat or dog’s teeth strong and your pet’s heart and body healthy!

Brushing your pet’s teeth with a pet toothbrush or fingerbrush, especially with the addition of pet toothpaste, can drastically reduce tartar build-up and plaque formation. Other easy methods of basic dental care include the use of pet oral gel or tartar control treats. Pet mouthwash is another great option! Just put a few drops as directed into your cat or dog’s water bowl, and he’ll get a refreshing, bacteria-fighting oral treatment every time he drinks!

Ask us about these products and more when you come by Perrin-410 for your pet’s free dental exam! Open 7 am-11pm, 7 days a week, we’re happy to check out your feline’s incisors and your canine’s canines for evidence of tartar build-up, calculi, tooth injury, and gingivitis. Our vets can give you great basic dental care tips on keeping your cat or dog’s teeth strong and clean at home, and we have a large selection of dental care products that help make the job easier. Be sure and ask about our surgical dental cleanings, too!

So call us at 210-650-3141 to schedule your free dental exam or walk in any time! Help your pet live longer and stay healthier by taking great care of her teeth at home and with us here at Perrin-410!