Barktoberfest Dachshund Dash Rules

The Wurst Dachshund Race Rules

Dachshunds can be registered online for a discount before the day of event or day of for full price. Only registered dachshunds may participate.

Owners and pets must check in by 12:30pm, the races start at 1:00pm!

You may use a toy or treat to entice the dog, but you must stay at each end until your dog comes to you! The toy or treat may not be thrown or tossed.

No loud devices, laser pointers or anything that may be distracting to other dogs/owners.

Two people must be available during the heat; one at the race gate, and one at the finish line.

Dogs names will be called twice before the race, if your dog is not at the gate at the time of the race, you forfeit the race and there will be no refund given.

Any dog that bites another dog, person or handler will not be permitted at the races, and forfeited without a refund.

Owners of Dachshunds participating in races and events will need to show proof of their Rabies Certificate provided by a veterinarian at the registration booth.  We need to see them but do not need copies.

No food (human or dog food) allowed in racetrack area.  Small treat for YOUR DOG ONLY is acceptable.

No other pets are allowed in racetrack area.

All dogs MUST be on a leash, except while in the race.

Owners are required to clean up after their pet.  Trash can and bags are provided by the ADL outside of racing area.

No one is allowed to sell any animals at the event.

No waving blankets or other large items at the start of race.

The 1st & 2nd place dogs from each race qualify for the final race.  (based on amount of entrees)

All Judges Rulings are final!

Failure to abide by the rules above will result in disqualification without a refund!