Animal Defense League Partnership

Perrin-410 is a Proud Sponsor of the Animal Defense League

The team at Perrin-410 Animal Hospital knows that every dog and cat’s life is precious and that they deserve a chance to find a forever home. That’s why we support San Antonio’s initiative to become an Animal No-Kill City with our sponsorship program and adoption incentives.

We have been partnering with the Animal Defense League since 2013 with the addition of our Wellness Rewards Program. Every member enrolled in this money saving program helps us to donate money to homeless pets in need.  We have been able to donate over $100,000 and counting since the start of our Wellness Rewards Program!

This year, we will also add a few more fund-raising events to our efforts and know that our amazing clients and pet-parents will be right along side us. Join our Facebook community to stay updated on events coming up!

Interested in adopting or fostering a dog or cat? Visit the Animal Defense league: