3 Steps for Easy Dog Dental Care

  1. Brushing a Dog's TeethPractice At-Home dental care to help prevent serious health issues. There are several ways to do this, including teeth brushing, dental chews, and even additives for their drinking water. No matter the age or willingness of your dog, there is a dental care option to fit your lifestyle. Click here fore more information about at-home dental care.
  2. Get familiar with your dog’s mouth. Take note of abnormally bad breath, discoloration or lack of color in the gums, and tarter buildup and discoloration of the teeth. If you dog has any of these issues, or has difficulty eating, it may be time for a dental exam. Click here to see examples of dog teeth grades to help you examine your dog at home.
  3. Make professional dental cleanings part of your dog’s healthcare routine. If done before there is an issue, dental exams are a great method of preventative healthcare, which can save you money and heartache over time. In other cases, dental cleanings are the best chance for a dog to keep his teeth in tact and to manage bacteria that would otherwise move into the bloodstream. Click here to learn all about professional dental cleanings.
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