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San Antonio, TX 78218

(Just inside Loop 410 in the shopping center behind Jim's)


Open 7am to 11pm


Our Best Care Philosophy is Simple

Complete Pet Care

Our full service animal hospital is equipped for any situation. From wellness care such as vaccinations, to emergency vet care and specialty care like acupuncture; we do it all!



Our location in San Antonio, extended hours, and services are all designed with you in mind. We are here to provide the pet care you need when you need it.



As pet parents ourselves, we know there is nothing like the bond you have with your pet. Our love for animals keeps us doing what we do best – helping you and your pet!


Recent Pet Tips

Pet Poison Awareness

The third full week of March is designated as Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Week. Knowing if any potential harmful poisons exist in your home and yard is the first step to keeping your pet safe all year long. Our pets are notorious for being curious creatures who often “investigate” with their mouths. Pets can become […]

Winter Weather Tips For Your Pet

Categories: Wellness & Care

Winter Weather Tips For Your Pet This winter season has been record setting, with the San Antonio area seeing temperatures in the 20’s and snow for the first time in years! While we may enjoy the cooler weather, please remember your furry family members may not be acclimated to the chilly, freezing temperature. At Perrin-410, […]

Pet Summer Safety Tips

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Beat the Heat! 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer Summer is officially here and with it comes hot temperatures. While, we enjoy fun in the sun, it’s important to remember that the higher temperatures can have a major effect on a dog’s health. Here at Perrin-410, we want what is best for […]

All About Canine Influenza

Categories: Infectious DiseasesWellness & Care

What is Canine Influenza? Canine Influenza is an extremely contagious viral infection caused by the H3N8 and H3N2 strains of the flu virus. The flu is spread through respiratory secretions such as, barking, licking and coughing of an infected dog. Dogs of any age can catch the virus but dogs that live in closed spaces […]

What is Kennel Cough?

Categories: Infectious DiseasesWellness & Care

If you’re like the millions of other dog owners in the country that, board their pets, use doggie day care or visit dog parks, you run the risk of your dog catching an upper respiratory disease known as Kennel Cough (Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis). Kennel Cough is highly contagious and is easy to prevent by keeping […]

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Technician with a Heart of Gold

We brought our 13 year old cat Missy in today. We’ve been seeing Dr. Ramsey with our pets for 15 plus years, and trust him and his care completely. And the other doctors. We had to leave Missy for several hours as urine needed to be extracted. I don’t leave pets. Ever. My wife reminded me that Missy was in the care of Dr. Ramsey, and would be fine. I immediately agreed. There is such an incomplete feeling, as always, when you leave a vets office with an empty pet carrier. My wife works from home and I chose to work from home that day too. We were so worried b/c Missy gets so scared. If people come over, she hides. Going to the vet, she buries her head in our arm pits as that makes her feel protected and safe. To leave her was absolutely medically necessary. But it killed us emotionally b/c we were not there. I knew she was in great care and Abby assured me she was in a quiet area. What sticks out the most is Abby called me to give an update and mentioned Missy wanted to cuddle with her when she opened the area Missy was staying in. She said that was cute and Abby went out of her way to hold and comfort her. That made my day and I almost lost my composure. Abby deserves recognition, and she sure has our admiration and appreciation, as well as the rest of the staff. Thank you!

--Ryan H.

March 6, 2018

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