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Heartworm Disease In Dogs

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What is heartworm disease? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease that affects pets across the United States. When mosquitoes feed off an infected mammal, they pick up baby heartworms called microfilaria which grow and develop into infectious larvae in the mosquito until the insect feeds again, this time on your pet. The […]

Pet Microchipping

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Let’s talk about Microchips! If your pet went missing today, would they be able to find their way home? The sad reality is that most do not. Statistically, 10 million pets go missing every year. According to the ASPCA, about 85% of pets are returned to their owners but of that percentage only 15% of […]

Wellness Care Promo

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Wellness Care: The Secret to a Happy and Healthy Pet Dogs and cats rarely tell their owners something is wrong with them until it’s either too late or too costly. Just like us, our pets should maintain a routine schedule of visiting the doctor to prevent a deadly illness and ensure a long and happy, […]

Surprising Easter Dangers!

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Easter is a holiday that holds lots of tradition and for many it’s filled with chocolate shaped bunnies, dying Easter eggs, and the hunt for candy. Before the festivities begin, learn about some of the hazards some of these fun activities may hold for your dog or cat. Chocolate: As adults, most of us know […]

Your dog’s teeth can look great in an hour!

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A veterinary dental cleaning can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your dog’s teeth. Just take a look at the before and after pictures of a real Perrin-410 Animal Hospital patient.     This dog was considered a Grade 4, the highest stage of dental illness, with swollen, bleeding gums (gingivitis), […]

Bad breath - No kisses please

Why does your dog or cat need a dental?

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We love giving our pets lots of love and kisses, but sometimes that big smooch is stopped by an offensive odor. February is Pet Dental Health Month and it’s important to remember that foul odor may just be an outward sign of an underlying dental problem. Taking care of your pet’s teeth is easier than […]

Rabies in San Antonio

Categories: Infectious Diseases

The number of rabies cases in San Antonio have been increasing in the last year. The heavy rain we received earlier this year is partially to blame as large amounts of rain push wild animals into the city. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services- Rabies Summary Report, there were 525 cases of Rabies documented […]

Spay your Dog or Cat to avoid Pyometra

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Pyometra is one possible condition that can occur when a female dog or cat is not spayed. Simply translated, Pyometra is an emergency situation in which there is an infection causing puss in the uterus. How does it happen? Pyometra occurs after the heat cycle for a female dog or cat. With her cervix open, fecal […]

Parvo (Parvovirus)

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What is Parvo? Parvo, or Parvovirus, is a highly contagious disease that attacks the intestines and can be life-threatening for dogs and puppies. We do consider Parvo cases to be emergencies and you want to bring your dog in as soon as possible for treatment. What are the symptoms of Parvo? The most distinct symptom […]

How to Transport Your Dog in an Emergency

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Read our quick tips and learn how to transport your dog in an emergency and get him the care he need quickly. First and foremost, remember your own safety. Even the sweetest dogs can act uncharacteristically when injured. Always approach a wounded dog with caution when assessing the severity of the injury. If your dog has been hit […]

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